When it comes to hiring a professional to photograph your wedding you might have few questions to ask them, after your first few meeting. For the people who have no issues firing questions away at people and are not so bothered about the consequences this won’t be an issue. But for those of us who are that much shy and have a few qualms about putting people on the spot with their questions, this will give us a few headaches. So if you want some of these questions answered and are too shy to actually put them forward read on to find out if you are looking for answers.

Do you need to tip the photographer?

You are thinking about showing some gratitude for a job well done, for the amazing wedding pictures that they have clicked for you. But you are wondering how exactly to go about doing it. You are wondering if you should tip them a bit more than what you agreed for initially. But what you should know is that gratitude does not always have to be in a financial aspect. It can be shown in many other ways. For example you can give them a gift at the end of it, telling them how happy you are with their services and what a good job they have done for you. Or you can give them a well thought out thank you card showing them appreciation for what they have done. Continue reading this article to see all the wedding pictures that was taken by the best wedding photographers.

What will you be wearing?

Another awkward question will be to ask some of the best wedding photographers what they will be wearing on your big day when they come. It’s awkward to ask them such a question and appear like bridezilla trying to dictate terms. But maybe you are actually not like that. You are just worried about whether they are going to blend. Or if they will end up wearing something that is going to make them stand out in the crowd and appear inappropriately dressed. But being professionals they should know the kind of attire they should be wearing when they are attending wedding. Especially if they know it’s going to be a formal affair. But if you are still not sure how they will turn up on that day you could always send them a message informing them of the dress code for the event just like you do for the rest of your guests.

The photographer you hire needs to be able to put you at ease not make you uncomfortable to be around them. That is why it’s important to clear the air right at the beginning and make sure that it is someone who understands you and what you need.